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The competition in the consumer goods industry such as shoes, bags and clothing is fierce, the life cycle of fashion is very short, and the speed of listing is the key to transportation. if delivery is delayed, it may miss the time, requiring the supply chain to run smoothly and ensure that retail stores reserve the latest product line.

Neptune Logistics has a long history, designing innovative solutions and supply chain management that can help improve transportation efficiency and reduce costs, help reduce costs, inventory, warehousing, transportation and other non-production supply chain assets. End-to-end solutions, increased productivity and reduced costs, integrated visibility. The services provided include: freight management, value-added services, product distribution support.

Our solutions help keep products from factory to destination. We act as a virtual DC network, providing DC space to accommodate seasonal fluctuations in volume.


Нептун логистика была основана в 2005 году, имеет 20 - летний опыт работы в команде управления проектом логистики.стремление предоставить клиентам наиболее конкурентоспособные стандартизированные логистические решения.

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