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In the process of implementing large-scale construction projects, the architectural decoration industry often involves hundreds of organizations and institutions, and has a very complex relationship between upstream and downstream enterprises. From the transportation of raw materials to the spare parts logistics of construction equipment, our services cover all branches of the value chain of the industry. With our global transportation capacity and contract logistics expertise, we can optimize the supply chain of the building decoration industry point to point.

Based on our industry knowledge and proven best practices, we have created lean, stable, and secure processes. Our goal is to provide you with support, to help you achieve your goals and gain competitive advantage in the industry. In recent years, with its professional technical team and rich experience in logistics planning and design, Neptune Logistics Institute has undertaken the planning and transportation of a number of cutting-edge and key engineering logistics projects in the construction industry.


Нептун логистика была основана в 2002 году, имеет 20 - летний опыт работы в команде управления проектом логистики.стремление предоставить клиентам наиболее конкурентоспособные стандартизированные логистические решения.

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