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Container Sales

Neptune Logistics Group uses advanced and efficient container leasing management information system as the technical guarantee for customers to improve service efficiency. In the face of the fierce competition in the container leasing market, we have a number of professionals engaged in Belt and Road Initiative's management of container business and the backbone of IT management technology, as well as increasing investment in information system construction to provide quality and efficient services with advanced information systems.

Container leasing can be divided into three categories due to the needs of the charterers:

The time lease of containers can be divided into two ways: long-term lease and short-term lease. Long-term lease generally refers to a longer lease period, while short-term lease leases containers according to the required service life, which is relatively short.

Container rental includes one-way lease and return lease. Among them, one-way lease is mostly used in the case of unbalanced supply of goods on the same route, that is, one-way use of containers from the port of departure to the port of destination; return lease is usually used for routes with more balanced freight volume.

The flexible leasing of containers is similar to long-term leasing in cost, similar to short-term leasing in use, and can be used flexibly. This kind of lease usually lasts for one year. In the case of large container freight volume, more operating routes and unbalanced freight volume on the return trip, this kind of leasing method can be used to adapt to the change more easily.

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 Let's use point - to - point service and simplified international multimodal transport logistics to help you make great progress.

Logistics services

To provide customers with multi link one-stop service of transportation, transit and port operation for goods from one country to another country or a third country designated delivery place.

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Industry solutions

According to the different needs of project customers, we can provide comprehensive logistics services for special goods such as machinery, precision instruments and warehousing.

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Group news

Every year, he will give a keynote speech at major logistics related conferences. He will introduce the group's logistics related activities and achievements to Dayang's colleagues, new and old customers.

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Neptune Logistics was established in 2005, 20 years of experience, with a professional project logistics management team. is committed to providing customers with highly competitive standardized logistics solutions.

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