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About us

Shenzhen Neptune Logistics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Neptune Logistics Group) was established in 2005, and its predecessor was the Neptune Shipping Team established in 2002. Headquartered in Shenzhen, the group is a practitioner of the national "Belt and Road" initiative. We are not only one of the earliest domestic container carriers engaged in the transportation of China-Europe trains, but also a leading international multimodal transportation company in China, and have passed the ISO 9001 2015 quality system certification. It mainly provides train transportation and integrated logistics services between Asia and Europe, and has established a complete network of self-operated service outlets and agents in China, Europe, Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, and is committed to providing customers with highly competitive end-to-end services. End-to-end integrated logistics solutions logistics solutions.

At the same time, we are also a neutral overseas section carrier with rich experience in operating trains. We can use the most advantageous part of each country (Belarus Railway, Polish Railway, Russian Railway, Kazakhstan Railway, and Outer Mongolia Railway) to achieve cross-border transportation. The seamless connection of international transportation ensures the safety, efficiency and reliability of the overall transportation scheme. We can integrate the advantageous railway resources of overseas countries to provide customers with cost-effective and stable overseas train transportation solutions.

The company's main business is China-Europe trains, mainly providing round-trip international train services from China (and transiting China) to Russia, Central Asia and Europe. At the same time, it can provide end-to-end international multimodal transport services such as precise truck flight services, engineering project logistics, cross-border e-commerce logistics, air charter, sea-rail combined transport services, container leasing, warehousing, and supply chain management in China and Europe.

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 Let's use point - to - point service and simplified international multimodal transport logistics to help you make great progress.

Logistics services

To provide customers with multi link one-stop service of transportation, transit and port operation for goods from one country to another country or a third country designated delivery place.

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Industry solutions

According to the different needs of project customers, we can provide comprehensive logistics services for special goods such as machinery, precision instruments and warehousing.

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Group news

Every year, he will give a keynote speech at major logistics related conferences. He will introduce the group's logistics related activities and achievements to Dayang's colleagues, new and old customers.

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Neptune Logistics was established in 2005, 20 years of experience, with a professional project logistics management team. is committed to providing customers with highly competitive standardized logistics solutions.

Excellent Qianhai No.T3 22F, No. 5033, Menghai Avenue, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

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