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Neptune Logistics Group Successfully Held 2023 Year-end Summary and 2024 Comprehensive Budget Meeting

Time:2024-01-31 15:01:47Num:1182 Source: Edit:Eva

On 19-20 January, Neptune Logistics Group's 2023 Year-end Summary and 2024 Comprehensive Budget Meeting was successfully held in the beautiful Pengcheng Shenzhen.

The meeting was held in online + offline mode and attended by Zhu Luzhi, Chairman and General Manager of Neptune Logistics Group, Qing Beijun, CFO of the Group, and relevant persons in charge of Dayang teams from all over the country. The meeting sorted out the key work and key indicators reached in 2023, summarised the pain points and deficiencies that need to be improved in operation and management, and planned to carry out the work in 2024.

At the meeting, Zhu Luzhi, Chairman and General Manager of Neptune Logistics Group, delivered a speech. She fully affirmed the achievements made by Dayang people in 2023 in supply chain delivery, overseas market operation, digital construction, infrastructure investment and other work by striving bravely and rising to the challenge. At the same time, it pointed out the focus of the next work to be carried out.

"The honours and setbacks of 2023 have been turned over, and there is still a lot of room for us to improve, so we have to continue to keep a humble mindset, maintain our passion and fighting spirit, and make every effort to grasp production, strengthen our performance, and promote development based on the ecology of healthy and sustainable development of Dayang in 2024." She said that Neptune Logistics is an enterprise based in China and facing Europe and Asia, which requires everyone to have an international vision. In the new year, Dayang will provide customers with more competitive "end-to-end" integrated logistics solutions and create greater value for customers together with its partners by increasing the layout of overseas markets and strengthening the construction of talent teams. Together with our partners, we will create greater value for our customers.

Mr Qing Beijun, CFO of Neptune Logistics Group, gave a summary of the operation and planning. He summarised the highlights of business development, product structure and operation quality, and also pointed out the items to be improved in operation management, and showed the budget target and operation plan for 2024.

Zhao Qiang, Senior Director of Marketing Centre of Neptune Logistics Group, reported on the marketing strategy planning for FY2024, by dismantling the overall strategy of the Group, making the next step of segmentation and deployment, and continuing to innovate on the basis of a solid foundation, and being more proactive in attacking the market. He said, "Focusing on the '1+2+N' product strategy, we will unswervingly plough into the international railway transport segment, build a good oceanic 'moat', and take customer demand as the starting point to develop new products and provide customers with provide more value-added services."

During the meeting, the team leaders of the Group's functional centres, marketing centres, business units and other teams reported in turn on their performance of work in 2023, analyzed the existing problems and put forward targeted work plans for the new year. The company's management team listened carefully to the report and made a summary comment on the direction of the key work in 2024, to promote the efficient and orderly development of the work in 2024.

Targets are the catalyst for success. In order to ensure high quality and efficiency to achieve the business objectives and put the actions into practice, the meeting held the "2024 Annual Military Order Signing Ceremony". Each team leader signed the 2024 business objectives and the management personnel read out the commitment and responsibility.

Words will be honoured, and the mission will be achieved. The Warrant is not only a piece of paper commitment, but also a heavy responsibility and a collective mission to be accomplished together, which fully demonstrates the determination and faith of Dayang people to go forward.

When a hundred boats compete, the one who oars first! Looking forward to 2024, Neptune Logistics Group will uphold the concepts of friendliness, professionalism and excellence, and strive to achieve higher goals by focusing on comprehensive customer service, taking the strivers as the basis, and abiding by the spirit of contract as a matter of pride, as well as by constantly forging ahead.

We look forward to providing more high-quality logistics services to our customers, achieving mutual success, accompanying growth, and dedicating more ocean power to help Chinese brands go to sea.


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