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School-Enterprise Linkage|Shanxi Normal University College of Foreign Languages Leaders and Their Departments Visit Xi'an Neptunus

Time:2024-05-14 11:14:00Num:1220 Source:大洋物流集团 Edit:Hazel Zhong

In the afternoon of May 14th, Dong Zengyun, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College of Foreign Languages of Shaanxi Normal University, Lu Yan, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, and Meng Xia, Director of the Department of Russian, and other leaders visited Xi'an Neptune Supply Chain Co. The two sides held a school-enterprise discussion and exchange meeting.

On behalf of Xi'an Neptune, Mr. Nato expressed his warm welcome and thanks to the leaders and teachers of Shaanxi Normal University. He introduced in detail the development history and prospect of Neptune Logistics Group and Xi'an Neptune, the 1+2+N product strategy, the corporate culture and the advantages of the job demand, etc., and shared his personal experience in terms of the employment prospect of the Russian major, the development trend of the international logistics industry, and the benefits of the industry. Sharing. He also answered the teachers' questions about talent training and job advantages.

Meng Xia, director of the Russian Department of the college, introduced in detail the development history of the Russian Department of Shaanxi Normal University, the existing talent training mode and the future development plan. She said that school-enterprise cooperation is an important way to improve the quality of talent cultivation and promote the combination of industry, academia and research, and expected that the two sides could explore more possibilities together in the future cooperation.

Dong Zengyun, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College, and Lu Yan, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, emphasized the importance of school-enterprise exchanges in their speeches, believing that by strengthening the contact and cooperation between schools and enterprises, they can understand the talent needs of enterprises more deeply and provide more accurate guidance for talent cultivation. At the same time, they also expressed their expectations for school-enterprise cooperation on internships, campus presentations and other specific cooperation matters, and hoped that both sides could work together to promote school-enterprise cooperation to achieve more fruitful results.

After the meeting, Mr. Nato accompanied the teachers to visit the office environment of Xi'an team. At the same time, the representatives of the school sent a sincere invitation to Neptune, hoping that Neptune can come to the campus to have more in-depth exchanges and learning with the teachers and students.

The discussion laid a solid foundation for the future cooperation between the two sides. Both sides agreed that with the deep development of globalization, the logistics industry will usher in a broader space for development, and looked forward to carrying out more fruitful cooperation projects in the future, and jointly promoting the development of school-enterprise cooperation to a deeper level and in a wider field.


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