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Read more | Neptune Logistics Automotive Solutions

Time:2024-04-18 16:11:00Num:1668 Source: Edit:Eva

On April 17th, the 2024 International Conference on Automotive Logistics was successfully held in Shanghai Platinum Rui Hotel. Shi Sicun, General Manager of Neptune Logistics Group's Automotive Industry Division and Director of Key Account Center, brought the theme of "Quality out of efficiency, helping automobiles to go to sea on a new journey" to share, focusing on the current demand for logistics solutions for domestic brand automobiles to go to sea, and dialoguing with friends on the spot about new ideas for automobiles to go to sea.

At a time when national brand cars are increasingly favored by the international market, the strong support of logistics supply chain is indispensable for automotive industry partners to better capture the market.

With 22 years of experience in international logistics, Neptune Logistics has gained in-depth insight into the transportation characteristics of the automotive industry, and has set up a global team of experts to provide you with high-quality "end-to-end" integrated logistics solutions, taking into full consideration the three major problems of cost, time and cargo safety.

01 Whole Vehicle Logistics

In containerized truckload logistics, front-end and back-end control becomes particularly important due to the need to reinforce the vehicle. When you choose Neptune Logistics as your provider, it is the beginning of comfortable transportation.

One-stop hosting, front and back-end "standardized" management by Neptune's expert team, to reduce the differences caused by human factors; provide flexible storage and delivery, to minimize the increase in logistics costs due to changes in terminal demand.

02 KD Auto Parts Logistics

Neptune's control process is mainly divided into two parts in this type of logistics with strict requirements on each time node--- Part 1: Data and information circulation.

Part 1: Circulation of data and information. Through the system set up node reminder function, to ensure the smoothness of the entire process of document transmission;

Part 2: The degree of matching between on-site operation and plan. From the development of the factory plan according to the batch requirements to the actual operation of the management of abnormalities, each link we require to achieve more than 95% of the degree of matching.

03 Certified Vehicle Logistics

①All areas of the country, quickly send a car to pick up the goods
②Overseas cars waiting at the port in advance
③Synchronization of customs declaration
④GPS is installed in the whole process outside the country for real-time monitoring.

①Customized exclusive body structure transportation plan, unified loading and unloading process.
②Use of high-standard reinforcing materials, scientific reinforcing methods
③Strictly manage the operation and dress code of on-site operators.
③Strictly manage the operation and dress code of the site operators.

①The whole transportation is covered with a car coat and a net pocket to prevent falling off.
② Before loading and unloading operations to ensure that the operating site no loiterers
③Port waiting to be changed and stored in a closed warehouse

Transportation Vehicle
① flatbed truck & tarpaulin truck: no container leasing costs, suitable for 1-2 cars
②Collector trucks: double confidentiality, suitable for 2-3 vehicles
③Car: low transportation cost, suitable for 5+ cars.

04 Finished Vehicle Storage and Delivery

For vehicle storage, preparation and inspection, Neptune Logistics provides comprehensive value-added services for synchronized operations through control towers and collaborative IT systems.

  • Major stations and yards can accommodate 2W+ finished vehicle storage
  • Maintenance and management of stored vehicles to customer standards
  • PPO (Post Production Operations): commercial vehicle assembly, special paint and decals, volume fleet preparation
  • PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection): electrical and electronic diagnostics, road testing, mechanical controls, washing, commercial and passenger vehicle conversions, valet parking and final quality control
  • Used car remarketing
  • Shipment to designated warehouses or car dealerships


Neptune Logistics was established in 2005, 20 years of experience, with a professional project logistics management team. is committed to providing customers with highly competitive standardized logistics solutions.

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