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Neptune Logistics Helps Smooth Launch of China-EU Train (Taiyuan-Moscow)

Time:2024-03-28 15:21:00Num:1478 Source:大洋物流集团 Edit:Hazel Zhong

On the morning of March 28, accompanied by a long whistle, a China-European Union (CEU) liner full of goods departed from the special line of the Shanxi Bureau of the State Administration of Grain and Material Reserves at the Empress Garden Station in Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, and traveled nearly 5,000 kilometers out of the country through the Erlianhot Port, and will arrive at Moscow, the capital city of Russia, in about 15 days.

This China-European train is carried by Neptune Logistics, and the goods transported are mainly cast iron fittings, kaolin clay produced locally in Shanxi Province and automobile fittings, household refrigerators, washing machines, bicycles, storage buckets, floor mats, shoe soles, and other daily necessities produced in the neighboring areas, carrying a total of 55 40-foot containers with a cargo weight of 611.74 tons, and 29 kinds of categories, which is the largest number of categories in the China-European train in the past few years in Shanxi Province. Once.

Based on the normalized operation of China-European liner, Neptune Logistics will actively respond to the innovative working idea of "one province, three bureaus, and territory-wide coverage" of COSCO International Dry Port Group, and make every effort to build an ecosphere of transportation and trade combination in line with the characteristics of China-European liner, and help serve the new pattern of opening up to the outside world in Shanxi. Neptune Logistics has always been committed to providing the best service to its customers.

Neptune Logistics has always been committed to providing customers with safe, efficient and competitive "end-to-end" integrated logistics solutions.

As an expert in international multimodal transportation and a practitioner of the "One Belt, One Road" initiative, we have been deeply cultivating the Eurasian market for more than 20 years, providing import and export logistics services covering trucking flights, sea-railway intermodal transportation, air transportation, engineering projects, warehousing, customs clearance, and supply chain management, etc. We have been providing services in Europe, Central Asia, Mongolia, Russia, and the United States for more than 20 years. We have established a perfect service network in Europe, Central Asia, Mongolia, Russia and Southeast Asia, and have served 30,000+ customers worldwide.


Neptune Logistics was established in 2005, 20 years of experience, with a professional project logistics management team. is committed to providing customers with highly competitive standardized logistics solutions.

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